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   June  2018

 Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Nassau, Bahamas


  01st Jun 2018 - 04th Jun 2018

Targeting Therapy of Alzheimerꞌs and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases

The conference will focus on translational studies geared towards therapies in AD & related neurodegenerative disease with discussion of the latest advances... Time: 2pm–12pm. Speakers: Riqi[...]

 Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Bahamas


  05th Jun 2018 - 08th Jun 2018

4th Functional Polymeric Materials Conference, Cancun Mexico, 2018

The meeting will bring together leaders in polymers and polymeric materials from around the world to describe their most recent and cutting edge discoveries.[...]

 Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Bahamas


  07th Jun 2018 - 10th Jun 2018

2nd From Carbon Rich Molecules to Carbon Based Materials Conference 2018

This interdisciplinary meeting will allow a diverse group of scientists from all over the globe to discuss the current challenges, needs and prospects of this quickly evolving multidisciplinary field.[...]

   February  2019

 Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Bahamas


  15th Feb 2019 - 15th Feb 2019

3rd Fibroblast Growth Factors in Development and Repair Conference, 2019

The 3rd Fibroblast Growth Factor Fusion Conference aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines with an interest in FGF biology, biochemistry and clinical applications. Date and Tim[...]

 Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Bahamas


  19th Feb 2019 - 19th Feb 2019

3rd Small Molecule Activation Conference, Bahamas, 2019

The meeting will discuss various aspects of small molecule activation, with a focus on molecular insights. Date and Time: On Tuesday February 19, 2019 at 2:00 pm ends Friday February 22, 2019 at 12:00[...]

   March  2019

 Nassau West Bay Street, Bahamas


  05th Mar 2019 - 05th Mar 2019

2nd Neurogenesis Conference, Bahamas, 2019

This conference will discuss recent advances in our current understanding of the mechanisms underlying the neurogenic process in the developing and adult brain in physiology and disease.Prices:USD 118[...]