Conferences on Creativity

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   January  2018

 Pune, India


  23rd Jan 2018 - 25th Jan 2018

International Conference on Translation Studies: New Dirctions

This conference proposes to explore this ever prolerating list of probable approaches and suggests that the discipline of Translation Studies might provide a variety of helpful analytic tools in appro[...]

   February  2018

 Auckland, New Zealand


  02nd Feb 2018 - 05th Feb 2018

The 3rd International Conference on Postdisciplinary Approaches 2018

Dear colleague, Does disobedience, creativity and various forms of expression resonate with you as an intellectual and producer of kledge? If so, please join us in Auckland at the 3rd International C[...]

   April  2018

 Istanbul, Turkey


  06th Apr 2018 - 07th Apr 2018

DESIGN STUDIES 18 II. International Conference on Design Studies, Fields and Methods

All papers will be published in proceedings e-book as DVD with an ISBN number and then in DAKAMs online library. A selection will be made in the relevant DAKAM journal that will be reviewed by Thomson[...]