Conferences on Sustainable development

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   February  2020

 Ann Arbor, United States of America


  20th Feb 2020 - 22nd Feb 2020

Michigan University-wide Sustainability and Environment (MUSE) Conference 2020

The purpose of the conference is to foster connections and new collaborations across the broad suite of sustainability and environment-related research at the University of Michigan. We welcome parti[...]

   March  2020

 Durban , South Africa


  23rd Mar 2020 - 24th Mar 2020

The International conference on Sustainable Development Goals

The International conference of the Researchers Beyond Borders aims to bring together researchers, students and industry experts to share their latest findings in line with Sustainable development goa[...]

   April  2020

 Arizona, United States of America


  02nd Apr 2020 - 04th Apr 2020

The Sustainability Opportunity

Earn a certificate in sustainability strategy from the W. P. Carey School of Business and School of Sustainability over three days at the Arizona State University, Tempe campus. Join this accelerated[...]

   May  2020

 A Coruña, Spain


  06th May 2020 - 08th May 2020

11th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning 2020

Planners, environmentalists, architects, engineers, policy makers and economists have to work together in order to ensure that planning and development can meet our present needs without comprising th[...]

 Kathmandu, Nepal


  08th May 2020 - 09th May 2020

International Conference on Peace, Environment and Tourism

Tourism is important not only for economic development, but also for fostering peaceful cooperation among different societies, cultures and nations through cross cultural and social harmony. However, [...]

 Valencia, Spain


  11th May 2020 - 13th May 2020

7th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management 2020

The meeting is aimed to attract researchers, academics and practitioners actively involved in improving our understanding of urban water systems and flood events. Flooding is a global phenomenon th[...]

 Valencia, Spain


  12th May 2020 - 14th May 2020

2nd International Conference on Urban Agriculture and City Sustainability 2020

As urban populations continue to increase it is essential to consider ways of reducing their impact in terms of use of natural resources, waste production and climate change.[...]

   June  2020

 Paris, France


  04th Jun 2020 - 05th Jun 2020

9th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Management

The 9th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Management (WCSEM-2020) is going to be organized jointly by The American Business School of Paris, FRANCE and the Basha Research Corporati[...]

 Seville, Spain


  08th Jun 2020 - 10th Jun 2020

28th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution 2020

Air Pollution 2020 is the 28th Annual Meeting in the successful series of international conferences organised by the Wessex Institute dealing with Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution[...]

 Seville, Spain


  10th Jun 2020 - 12th Jun 2020

5th International Conference on Environmental and Economic Impact on Sustainable Development 2020

The meeting will provide an international forum to discuss the most serious problems affecting sustainable development. The Conference will consider the impact of economic constraints on the environme[...]

 Tampere, Finland


  15th Jun 2020 - 17th Jun 2020

Triple Helix Conference 2020

Tampere Higher Education Community welcomes you to take part in the conference, which unites scholars, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the future directions of innovation. The 2020 Triple H[...]

 Lisbon, Portugal


  22nd Jun 2020 - 24th Jun 2020

16th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact 2020

The increasing need to protect civilian infrastructure and industrial facilities against unintentional loads arising from accidental impact and explosion events as well as terrorist attack is reflecte[...]

 Lisbon, Portugal


  23rd Jun 2020 - 25th Jun 2020

12th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation 2020

The conference covers a series of important topics of current research interests and many practical applications. It is concerned with all aspects of Risk Analysis and hazard mitigation, associated wi[...]

   July  2020

 Berlin, Germany


  01st Jul 2020 - 03rd Jul 2020

17th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation 2020

The Conference aims to the use of advanced systems, promoting their general awareness throughout the management, design, manufacture and operation of railways and other emerging passenger, freight an[...]

 Kosiv, Ukraine


  06th Jul 2020 - 15th Jul 2020

Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystems & Resource Management

Introduction To build the capacities of future leaders (researchers, students, practitioners and scholars) we have announced a 10-days international program namely FSc MER 2020 or “Summer Fie[...]

 Madrid, Spain


  07th Jul 2020 - 09th Jul 2020

10th International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment 2020

The conference provides a forum for the exchange of scientic information and work on the current situation of waste management amongst professionals, researchers, government departments and local auth[...]

 Madrid, Spain


  08th Jul 2020 - 10th Jul 2020

9th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism 2020

Today tourism is an important component of development, not only in economic terms but also for kledge and human welfare. Tourism today is an activity accessible to a growing number of people.[...]

   September  2020

 SOLO CITY, Indonesia


  08th Sep 2020 - 10th Sep 2020

19th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and 10th Corporate Governance Conference

More information about the SRRNet and hosting institution and venue can be found: SRRNet: or FEB UNS: We look forward to welcomi[...]

 Rome, Italy


  09th Sep 2020 - 10th Sep 2020

ICSD 2020 : 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 9 - 10 September 2020 Rome, Italy

The 8th ICSD 2020 will be an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the Sustainability Science, through the European network of academics,Papers will be published [...]

 Rome, Italy


  22nd Sep 2020 - 24th Sep 2020

14th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability 2020

Urban areas result in a series of environmental challenges varying from the consumption of natural resources and the subsequent generation of waste and pollution, contributing to the development of so[...]

   December  2020

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  16th Dec 2020 - 19th Dec 2020

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies in Education Research and Technology 2020 (ISERT 2020)

This conference is concerned with the application of the latest interdisciplinary studies to all aspects of education, research and technology. The objectives of this conference are to explore the exp[...]

   August  2021

 Montreal, Canada


  30th Aug 2021 - 04th Sep 2021

Industrial Heritage Reloaded. New Territories, Changing Culturescapes

The 2021 TICCIH congress in Montreal is designed to renew research and exchanges on less-discussed areas of industrial heritage, by addressing the identity of industrial civilization from the angle of[...]